Monday, August 12, 2013

Speaking of stoves

We´re pretty sure we´ll be buying the Hergom L-07 CC wood burning cooker with a water deposit that will serve radiators in the bedrooms and baths.  We saw one at a house under renovation and took heart from the fact that it seemed quite straightforward and their space was considerably bigger and had more radiators.


But I´m having trouble visualizing combining the stove flue and a range hood. I read somewhere that range hoods were dodgy with a wood fired stove because it affects the draw, or something.  And some stoves are pictured without ventilation.


But as the lovely Pueblo Girl advised me, the combination of cooking in olive oil and floating wood smoke and ash, doesn´t sound appealing.  And the variety of range hoods these days is staggering.

The stove will be against an interior stone wall, so the stovepipe will go straight up to the roof.  A small gas stove will go alongside for summer cooking, so ideally the hood should serve both surfaces.

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  1. If the range is installed correctly you should get no smoke or wood ash in the kitchen it is a sealed cooker. Just about all rural homes in Ireland wood have a wood burning range for cooking and heating, I have yet to see any with a hood.

  2. Well that´s good to hear! I keep looking at open shelving and thinking it would be a disaster.

    Does the house not fill up with cooking smells? Bread - good, cabbage - maybe not?

  3. With radiantly inventive design with infringing, adjusted segments that include personality disposition and a current look to a customary cooker I believe it would fit any design at all. It's just a matter of personal preferences and what matters the most you have installed it the way it's needed to be...