Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sneak Peek


  1. Ohhh they are fabulous, can I cheekily ask who supplied them (and how much they cost if you don't mind). We desperately need new windows, one has freezer bags taped in place of glass. I have struggled to find someone who will do it round here (Friol). I am Nicky by the way (View through a small window) and am happy for you to email me the info at thanks

  2. Dear Coco,
    I really like your traditional Galician farmhouse. It is getting atunning both the stonework and the door and windows. I intended to tell you some time ago about Traditional Galician Fruit trees but I forgot. Well, if you are interested, there is a small nursery in Outeiro, A Capela called O Pomariño. They've got hundreds of Old Galician appletree varieties both for sidre and for table (Marafouza, Olho Mouro, Camoesa, Rogélia, De Principe, De Cera,Tabardilha, Coiro de Sapo, Rabiosa de Calhobre, Sangue de Touro..)as well as pear, cherry, lemon, orange, peach and plum trees. All of them compiled all over Galicia and adapted to our climate and soil...He can also teach you how to make a beechtree hedge wich is very useful and can hold lots of wildlife.
    Best wishes
    Guilhelme Rego

  3. Thank you Guilhelme! I have hopes of planting fruit trees soon and will certainly try to go to O Pomariño. There´s an old pear and three old apple trees on the property, but they´re huge and haven´t been looked after. I have to admit I´m a little intimidated about pruning them.

    1. Obrigado eu, On renovating your house you are contributing to keep our countryside alive and beautiful, something some Galicians do not seem to appreciate. I think pear trees do not need much for apple trees I´m sure if you take a picture and go to O Pomarinho, the owner will tell you how to prune them...He knows a lot about fruit trees......Certainly, you will have an orchard to be proud of

  4. On the final stretch - it looks great and will make a lovely home.