Friday, August 9, 2013

Anxo Lorenzo

To celebrate the weekend, a musician I only recently heard of, Anxo Lorenzo.  Classically trained, he plays the gaita and various flutes. You´ll find a lot of festival footage of him on youtube.

His last album, Tirán from 2010 has moved him into fusion.  From his website:

The album has 11 tracks that are a mix between composition and tradition from the Galician Rías to the Seas of Ireland. A demonstration of virtuosity and sensibility in equal measure and enhanced by the participation of the famous Northumbrian piper Kathryn Tickell, the strings of Pancho Álvarez, percussion by Milla and Roi Adrio, hurdy-gurdy by Anxo Pintos, accordion by Jorge Arribas and the Hindi style group Om/Off. There is still much to say and discuss in Galician Folk music and now Anxo Lorenzo is having his say. "Tirán" is the genesis of a long musical career for an artist that surprises us with his modesty in light of his genial flair. As a classically trained musician, soloist and composer Anxo continues with his research into various fields of music and gives master classes all over the world

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