Sunday, June 9, 2019

Catching up

ETA:  Even more apologies for not replying to your lovely comments.  It´s an issue of logging in to Blogger through Google, I think.  But I have yet to figure out how to get around it.  Sorry!

Apologies for not posting in so long.  I´ve been busy with the flower farm and trying to minimize the destruction of the puppy princess.  Add to that ongoing family drama and there´s little time for blogging.

We´ve had a very unpredictable spring in terms of weather.  Heat waves in February and May, lately cold snaps and ¨cyclogenesis explosivos¨ or cold front rainstorms with high winds.  We even had a frost yesterday, in the middle of June.

It seems to me that I´ve been blogging about the garden for so long, and I don´t want to bore those who aren´t interested.  I have been visiting florists and the reception has been generally positive, though orders are non-existant.  I need to work on selling.

The latest culinary project is chive infused vinegar.  Very simple to make, it´s about 1 cup of chive flowers to 1 1/2 cups of white vinegar.  Crush the flowers (fresh and not too past their peak) before adding the vinegar.  Let sit 2 weeks at room temperature in dark storage.  Strain and ready for use on salads.  It turns a beautiful pink color.  I´m going to give more thought to edible flowers.

Briga continues to be a challenge at eight months.  Now weighing in at 30 kilos, her latest obsession, aside from digging and stealing footwear to chew on, is climbing.  We found her up on the ¨roof¨ of the barn the other day.  V nearly broke his neck getting her down.  At least the enclosure around the flower patch is finished and seems to be working.  Fingers crossed.

In other news, there are projects on the horizon.  I desperately need a space to store craft stuff and process harvested flowers, so I´m studying the Swedish empire catalogue for cabinets to finish the laundry area.  And we may finally see progress on the barn this summer.  Stay tuned.

Galicia remains bewitchingly beautiful, and thankfully far away from the horrors which dominate the news.  I´ve planted tomatoes, onions, carrots and green beans, along with more flowers.  The roses have been particularly spectacular this year. We have firewood that should see us through the end of the year.  Breo continues to be a miracle of patience and loyalty, especially when I´d like to strangle his little sister.


  1. Hi Coco,

    The flowers are looking beautiful and they're are a real credit to your work in the garden. We hope to be planting more roses soon too. Do you grow anything beneath the roses?

    Briga. Briga. You are exceptionally naughty! I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor Breogan.


  2. I enjoyed reading your update and seeing the progress you are making, despite the various battles that you are having. The weather has been upside down here as well, which has delayed getting outside. But, like you, we live in a lovely quiet place, also far removed from the outside world although probably closer to it than you are, but not by much. We do feel blessed living here, as I am sure you do.
    Well done for persevering with the flower project. It is tough to sell your own product, this I know by first hand experience, but at least you are having a go!
    Hope your growing season ahead is a good one. Vx

  3. Hi, Coco!

    So glad that you are back. I was thinking about you last night.

    What a beautiful -and huge! - creature Briga has become. It is rather neat to see her after not having seen her for awhile.

    We have had the strangest weather, too, but a lot of it has been really nice, so I can't complain. Veggies and flowers are growing like weeds (and so are the weeds). We are now eating green beans, zucchini, and still eating chard; cucumbers just about ready. Tomatoes soon!


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  5. Hello I am a Galician-Cuban-American born in Miami and now residing part of the year in Galicia just outside of Ourense. I am interested in having sheep and your blog looks interesting. I hope I can learn more from you. Cheers!

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