Monday, March 12, 2018

Still vexed

Thanks for nothing, storm system Felix.  Salvaged a few sweet peas, everything else lost.  Two more weeks of rain in the forecast.


  1. March can be a tough task master. Here in NYC we've had two Nor'easters already! I don't think I'll even bother ordering plants for my garden until late in the month! :P

  2. Hi Providence,

    Thank you for your comment. This year is really trying my patience. We´ve got another storm system coming through tomorrow. I´m feeling completely stymied.

    1. There's another storm coming here too, just in time for the first official day of Spring, no less! This March isn't a lion, it's a Tasmanian devil!

      Just ordered some plants from a catalog. Hopefully, by the time they come everything would have calmed down.

      It'll all be over soon, hopefully :P

  3. Hi Coco,

    Was the damage due to wind, excessive rain, snow, or a combination of the three? The summer rain stopped about six or seven weeks ago here which is surprising, but March is usually dry here. I hope Breo does not tear a hole in that greenhouse?


  4. I feel for you..everything is like a soggy sponge here

  5. Hi Chris,

    It blew over during the night, despite being weighted at the bottom, as well as full of trays and in a sheltered spot against the house. Then the plastic filled with rain, which Breo thought was delicious. Trying to figure out how to anchor it to something. Bungie cords?

    Hi GZ,

    I can only think the Gods are laughing at my PLANS. Most frustrating. Planted some overgrown ranunculus yesterday, despite being up to my ankles in mud. Ended up trying to find spots all over, and will have to fleece them this weekend because next week they´re predicting another freeze! I´ve planted the roses in pots temporarily and pruned them. I´ve trenched everywhere I can. Got a book on flower farming, so at least I can read about it.

  6. Oh, Coco - I am so sorry. Now you will have to start all over. But you will manage.


  7. Thanks Pam. Guess I´ll be doing a lot of direct seeding. And now I should be starting tomatoes and peppers, instead of flowers. My seeds are getting so old, I think I should just sow them all and see what happens.