Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spring update

Took advantage of a week of sunshine (!) to spread some manure, leaves, worm castings and pine mulch.  Moved some roses that were unhappy or too big for their spots, pruned everything that isn´t going to be moved or in a pot.  Moved some Japanese maples who were unhappy and planted some bleeding hearts in the shadier beds.  Also moved some gladiola bulbs because V thinks they look like funeral flowers.  My glutes are talking to me.

And the tractor guy came and re-tilled the veg/flower patch!  It looks fabulous.  And we rediscovered the well, which is currently under water.  I guess it re-charged.

Now, we´re supposed to get snow and then 2 weeks of rain, again.  Spring, how you vex me.


  1. now you see me,now you don't! much like that here too. Even though we've got it very cold it has been good to have a dry week and Get Things Done,as you have!!

  2. Hi GZ,

    Boy, have I learnt my lesson about fall prep. Any progress at this point is good. I asked the tractor guy if trenching around the plot would help with drainage, but he didn´t think it would make much difference, so I´ll just have to wait. He did say the soil looked really good, so that made me happy!

  3. Hi, Coco!

    It all looks so wonderfully neat and tidy. That looks like a really large garden plot and the soil does look beautiful. Have you made any improvements to it or is it just naturally nice - asked by a person who lives in an area historically called Stony Point with red clay that makes beautiful bricks . . .

    What is the shaggy lily-looking plant in the first photo? I recently re-discovered some Asian lilies hiding way back under a shrub and have moved them.


  4. Hi Pam,

    It´s an agapanthus and seems to be happily bulking up. Eventually, I´ll split it and plant it around.

    The soil is acid clay, way down it´s icky yellow and sticky, but this was where the veg was grown 30 years ago and it´s had all that time resting in weedy pasture since. I´ll be adding manure and bedding, etc. as I can to lighten it up. Got a bag of basalt minerals the other day.

    Neat and tidy isn´t a phrase I´d use often, but if I don´t do it now, then heaven help me.

  5. Hi Coco,

    The soil in the ploughed field looks as if it has heaps of organic matter. Good stuff and a really neat job. Out of curiosity, why were the Japanese maples unhappy? I have a garden bed full of them and they do pretty well, although the dry over the past month has challenged them.


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  7. Hi Chris,

    I ran across the tags for the JMs but they´re outside somewhere and it´s pouring cats and dogs out there. First, they were scorching in pots, then they got planted in a shadier spot, but didn´t take well to the drought. Then, Breo decided to beat them into submission as they were in the way of barking at passing tractors and such. So now they´re in even shadier quarters, but safely out of Breo´s way. And well watered in. Everything is well watered in.

    I spent yesterday morning trenching everywhere. I´m a little concerned, because the new plot was not particularly light and fluffy any more, but we´ll see. Two more weeks of rain in the forecast.