Friday, March 30, 2018

Building an Ark

Whilst it continues to rain, we´ve at last made progress indoors.  The second set of appliance people finally, after 2 months, came and installed the stove hood and dishwasher!  Woot!

It´s not quite done, though functioning.  They´re supposed to be back to put up the rest of the stainless steel covering for the tubing after the holiday weekend.  We´ll see.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!  Stay dry.


  1. functioning is at least good,even if the job isn't finished!

  2. Hope the job gets finished soon,....then it will be on the next no doubt!

  3. Hi GZ and Vera,

    Yep, functioning is good. And there certainly are lots more things on the list to get to.

    Cheers and have a lovely holiday!

  4. Hi Coco,

    The stove hood looks really cool, as does the stainless steel tubing. It is a great material. But is that the flue to the wood stove to the right of the stove hood? Do you light the wood stove much? It looks like a great unit to me and very heavy duty.


  5. Hi, Coco!

    What a dream kitchen! You have done a marvelous job with it. Is that a functioning wood stove? Anyway, it's all gorgeous.

    Happy Easter to you!


  6. Hi Chris and Pam,

    Thanks! It is a functioning wood stove. Very traditional around these parts. It has a reservoir that runs hot water to the radiators in the house. We´ve found it´s actually a little too big, and burns through a frightening amount of firewood, so unless the temperatures are really low, it´s more economical to run the woodstove in the living room. I also haven´t figured out how to cook on it yet.