Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Breo report

Breogán has filled out and is in the rudest of good health. 

He still pulls on walks and then makes horrible gasping sounds, but we´re working on it.  The outbound leg is always worse than the return.  He hates going out in the rain, which is a challenge in our climate.  He loved the brief snowfall last weekend. 

Especially after eating, he gets bursts of energy that result in a lot of rough play and the word ¨no¨ doesn´t seem to have much effect.  But, he knows ¨sit¨ and ¨down¨ and more or less reliably comes when called.  ¨Give¨ is a foreign concept, especially with his new ball.  He LOVES his new ball.  Deciding between a slice of hotdog and his ball is a deeply wracking existential question.  You can see it in his eyes.

In an effort to keep him occupied with something other than rending and tearing everything within reach,  I bought a half dozen 10¨rawhide chew bones.  He ate the first one in under an hour.  So then V and I were anxiously watching his bowel movements, fearing intestinal perforations and other horrible side effects.  Our hovering made him nervous and that night he eviscerated his dog bed, moved the washing machine and chewed the cable, chewed on the chestnut doors and was generally a pill.  We´ve calmed down since, and so has he, though we now get up an hour earlier so he doesn´t have a chance to get bored in the mornings. 

It will all even out when the daylight savings time changes later this spring.  Assuming we survive.


  1. Our large stupid mutt was a nightmare for the first year but he did get better with age. There were times when I tried rehoming him as I couldn't cope but luckily there were no takers and we are now in a routine. I only use a lead in town, as it is so quiet around here we just walk the dogs off lead with occasional recalls with treats to encourage good behaviour. Good luck, he is a lovely looking dog and I am sure he will improve.

  2. Hi, Coco!

    He is so handsome, and so lanky! How much does he weigh? Ah - he's so young yet. It's only a matter of time until he settles down. That's the question though - do you have enough energy to wait until that time? Of course!


  3. We had hoped that 3 yrs old would be a little less energetic, but apparently not. It´s a challenge to keep him occupied/entertained all day.

    He weighed 38k the last time we could get him on the scale at the vet, and strong. There are too many cows/dogs/cats on the lanes here to let him off lead, but when we go up the forest road I let him off on the way back. He runs great loops around the empty pastures - looks quite magnificent! And he´s a snoozy angel the rest of the day ;)

  4. He's a big one! I'll bet he eventually tops off at 40.


  5. We´ll have to watch his weight once he´s fixed, which has been delayed by his vaccinations and now the Vet has some family issues to deal with. We´re hoping he calms down a little too.

  6. Hi Coco,

    To quote the English band the Arctic Monkeys: "you can see it in his eyes, that he's got a nasty plan, I hope you're not involved at all"... Ah, but of course you are!!! Well, the rest of the song has little to do with a gentleman in training such as the irrepressible Breo! May he enjoy his days destroying furniture and appliances whilst worming his way into your heart, and here's hoping he doesn't destroy too much stuff! ;-)!



  7. This morning he´d moved the second (unused) fridge away from the wall and chewed the electrical cable clean off.

    Be glad Poopy and Scritchy aren´t bigger! ;)