Monday, February 22, 2016

Frosty morning


Care to join Breo and me on another walk?  This time the south loop.  There´s a eucalyptus plantation pic for Chris in Australia.  This pasture makes me want to be a California plein aire painter.

This weekend was gorgeous.  Warm and sunny.  I think spring has finally started.


  1. Hi Coco,

    :-)! Your place is looking very nice. It is uncanny seeing eucalyptus trees in your part of the world. At a guess are they Tasmanian blue gums? I liked the creek photo too. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. Thanks for sharing!



  2. No idea which eucalyptus they are, sorry. Although, I did read that some were mistakenly planting a variety that wouldn´t suit paper production. That would be a costly error.

    We´re certainly ready for spring. More rain this week, though.

  3. At last the rain seems to have gone here as well with bright but frosty mornings.

  4. Rain forecast for this week and next. I´m never going to get potatoes planted at this rate. I´m afraid to even start seeds. Did finally get all the roses in the ground or in pots.

  5. Hi, Coco!

    What lovely scenery! So, eucalyptus doesn't mind a bit of frost? And you mentioned something about paper making? I, too, have dreams of being a plein aire painter (watercolor).

    Get those seeds started! Spring will soon be upon you!


    OK. Second try at posting. Sometimes this happens to me. Sorry!