Friday, March 18, 2016

Of Hedging and Bets

The sun finally came out so I´ve been tackling the hedging in an effort to keep Breo on the property and tame the brush.  Wandering dogs are a problem here, they get poisoned or shot or worse.

Someone in the distant past had already started weaving the brushy undergrowth into an informal fence, so I decided that with more time than money, I´d do the same.  We have some oak saplings I´d like to transplant.

We´re also expecting family from Madrid for Semana Santa, so we´ve got projects on the way.  Ah, the smell of plaster dust.  Fingers crossed we´re finished in time.


  1. Hi Coco,

    Good luck with the plastering!

    The hedges are looking good too. No one uses living fences down here, although the old timers used to grow a lot of holly and hawthorne hedges, and so it is fascinating to see the photos. There is so much life in your place, it looks as though spring has sprung!



  2. Hi, Coco!

    That's a neat hedge. Do everything within your power to keep Breo safe! I am just beginning work on hedges here. I have sprouted some osage orange. I haven't quite decided where to put them yet.

    Semana Santa!. We are so informal here that not much will be going on this week, I am afraid, at least now that there are no children (all adults) in the extended family now.


  3. Thanks for the encouragement! One of the hardest parts of these projects is silencing that voice telling you it will be a disaster because you don´t have a clue what you´re doing. It won´t win any prizes for hedge laying, but it was nearly free and we got an extra meter or two all around the pasture. We also now have access to 2 dead trees that have to come down. Woot, firewood!

    This thread from permies is what got me thinking:

    It´s raining again, so inside projects this weekend. And cleaning, so much cleaning.

  4. Thanks for that Permies link. The whole thread was fascinating!