Monday, March 21, 2016

More storage

More places to put things.  We waited almost 3 months for the second hand shop to put new hinges on the doors.  V was about to tell them to keep it.  But now that it´s here, we like it.  It´s holding canned and boxed food and condiments, milk, and oil.

Casa de maior riqueza
Tolo e quem a deseja
Nenhuma tem mais beleza
Que a nossa pobre que seja

The little cabinet was an Ebay find in the US. Unfortunately, the seller put it in a box with about 3 sheets of crumpled newspaper and the Portuguese tile was broken in two when it arrived.  That´s a shame because I think it´s quite old.  It now holds the most used spices and tea. 

Note to self - get pretty bottles for the oil.  Back to cleaning.


  1. Hi Coco,

    Those cabinets look great, in fact they look as though they've always been there. I'm struggling a bit with finding space for all of the preserves and other stuff... The olive oil here is in 4L tin cans from the local olive groves and they're hidden away in the dark recesses of the cupboards! I think the old timers used to keep their oil in large glass demi-johns. The glass sat in wicker baskets so that it had a modicum of protection from bumps and knocks. I can buy demi-johns now, but the baskets are made from plastic...

    Hope your visitors have a good time. I've just made some Easter fruit buns. Yum!



  2. Thanks Chris! A little ¨grandma´s house¨ but it fits. One of the pulls broke off in my hand the other day.

    Those demi-johns (dama-juanas in Spanish) here are used for wine and the local white lightening - orujo made from the pressed grape skins.