Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Main Bath

We had guests for Easter, so it seemed like a good time to get the lav functional in the main bath.  We got the base and marble top at an antiques place outside Madrid, but then dithered about the bowl.  V was bored with the off white so we got out what was left of the bedroom pant and he went to town!  Lights, faucet, drainage. We got the whole thing put together, and then discovered a leak where the drain meets the wall.  Had to take it apart and redo - note to self, check everything.

It´s a tad steampunk-bordello, which I like.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!


  1. Love the colour of the bathroom, it sets the marble wash stand off a treat.

  2. Thanks! It´s the northeast corner of the house, and a might chilly. The warmer tone helps without making it too dark.

  3. Hi, Coco!

    What an elegant re-do! What a joy to have such a place to wash in! I'm sorry that you had to pull it out and start over, but it turned out so well.


  4. Thanks Pam! As beginner DIYers the process was frustrating, since we didn´t know what parts to ask for and instructions were not what you would call clear. But, that´s how we learn and we´re pretty satisfied with how it turned out, despite the stress.

  5. Hi Coco,

    That's a great paint colour and I liked the description too. Actually, those deep based paints are very hard to get such a solid paint coat on, so top job as the photos look great! Nice to read that the visitors were pleasant and that you had a good time too.

    Easter was nice here. Lots of work though getting plants in the ground in case we get another really sizzling spring again (which is probably likely).



  6. It took 2 coats and then some touching up. And being matte, it does show marks, so we´ll have to see how it performs in a humid environment.

    I finally cut some grass yesterday. The hedge still isn´t done, and I was stressing about not planting anything in the as-yet untouched new beds, but there was a late frost last night, so that makes me feel better about being behind.