Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life wth Breo

For the last week:

This - several times a day.  A broom with these rubber fingers helps.
He now barks.  At cars and people arriving, which is good.  And at V´s cell phone when his boss calls, which is not so good.
Doing really well on his antibiotics and allergy relief medicine, hidden in hotdogs and swallowed immediately.
Likes zucchini/courgette, carrot, green beans, peas, squash, yoghurt, oatmeal, rice, cheese and all.kinds.of.meat.and.bone.  Spit out the diced apple I tried once.
He´s discovered the sofa.  To be fair, V encouraged him.


  1. Hi Breo!

    Nice to meet you. I'm not allowed on the couch, but my mate Toothy is - it confuses me. Food is good isn't it? As well as bone'ses, they're especially good, but I don't really like sharing them with my friends. What is wrong with diced apple? I eat a few chunks of apple every morning. I especially like barking at people and cars too - they always seem to be in some sort of a hurry. What's with that anyway? Wishing you well, you look like you're in a nice home.


    Poopy the Pomeranian

  2. Hey Poopie,

    Dunno, maybe apples taste better down under. No sharing of bones here - they´re all MINE. And I´m constantly on the lookout to find more, in case they´re hiding.

    The couch is old news, and I tend to roll off anyway. Now, V has invited me onto the BED in the morning so I can give him kisses and salutations. I think it´s my reward since I started singing first thing in the morning. Maybe you should try that to get let on the couch.

    Cordial tail wags,


  3. :-)! Well done, my friend.

    Lots of tail wags! Poopy ;-)!