Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bienvenido Breogán

Look what the Reyes Magos brought us!

Breogán is a 3 year old mastiff mix, who was found wandering in the hills around Santiago in October.  He weighs in at 37 k and needs to fill out a little.

We picked him up from the Protectora Bando outside Santiago and so far he´s been wonderful.  Quiet, patient, affectionate and very, very stubborn.  We have to figure out how to get him to stop pulling on walks, but he´s really good natured.

We´ve been losing sleep worrying about him, but he was out like a light all last night, and snoring during his siesta today so maybe we can relax.


  1. Hi Coco,

    Your dog seems to be a true delight! As an interesting side note, from my experience, it is the truly intelligent dogs that are stubborn when they are very young. That is an excellent sign.

    You may not like to hear this but when dogs are very young here and they pull too much on the lead, I have a choker chain and they learn within one walk not to pull on the lead. Then you can go back to the normal chain and lead. It may seem harsh, but it does keep them out of trouble in the long run.



    1. Hello Coco!

      It seems like by now that things are going better with the walks but I just wanted to say that I totally agree with everything that Chris said here. Stubborn is good! Well, at least when they are young (and guess what it will probably come back when he is old too). And if you do feel like you need more help, I agree with his suggestion of the choker chain...we even had to use that on Ben who is the sweetest dog in the world but wow was he stubborn...but only ONCE because boy is he smart.

      But it really sounds like Breo is settling in so nicely. Bravo for adopting him!! He is a lucky boy (and a big one too) and I bet he will be forever, forever grateful. Our Kipling also had a rough time with dogs in his past (and has the scars to prove it) and so is a handful around them (to say the least) but I think he is slowly getting better with age.

      Sending much Good Thoughts to you and Breo!

  2. Hey Chris!

    Walks are a challenge. He´s really strong. We´re exploring the roads around here and it´s odd but he likes to walk in the middle of the paving, stopping occasionally to sniff corners and such. I´d really prefer that he do his business on our property but he doesn´t really like the pasture. I think he must have had bad experiences in unfamiliar lots. We´ve considered a choke chain, or one of the ones with barbs - but they look positively medieval. It may be necessary though. I suck at being a pack leader.

    He also has several small wounds. I think the other dogs at the shelter were mean to him. But he´s DELIGHTED to be inside.

    We finally couldn´t stand the dog smell and gave him a bath. He was an absolute saint - so good and patient.

  3. He's adorable! Congratulations.

  4. Chock chains do work and he will eventually learn not to pull then you will be able to use a normal collar. He looks lovely.

  5. Glad to report that he´s now much better on walks - only pulls a little when there´s something extra interesting to sniff in the verge. His digestion is now much better too. Still haven´t heard him bark.

    I´ve located a vet to give him a once over, since he´s itching quite a bit. I think his ears need looking at and his teeth probably need cleaning.

    All in all he´s a lovely, lovely dog and I think he´s happy to be with us.

  6. I am sure he will be very content in your beautiful home and grounds.