Thursday, January 21, 2016

Spring Fever

A box came for me.

And inside . . .

were 20 bare root roses from Tuincentrum Lottum in the Netherlands! Roses do so well in Galicia that I had to have some. A selection of 20 hybrid teas, Austin English roses, climbers, floribundas and a Pink Portland.  

They have great looking roots and are much more green than I was expecting at this time of year.  They will mostly be going along fences and walls.  The wild roses I propagated will be placed strategically filling in gaps in the hedge.

I now have 2 Don Juan climbers for this corner of the house. I adored the splash of red and green the poinsettias gave to the steps, so red climbing roses it is.


 And now, along with lots of fence post holes to dig,  I have 20 more, and a raised bed to build.  I´m definitely feverish.


  1. I love the David Austin roses and have fourteen different ones, they are all the old fashioned English roses and highly scented.

  2. Me too.:) I got some nice, smelly red ones and my favorite - Sharifa Asma. I hope they do well.

  3. Hi Coco,

    Roses are really heat and dry summer hardy. Great plants and I envy you your 20 new plants as they will look especially nice against the rock walls. Top work and great photos. Down here where the wallabies go out of their way to eat the roses, I disguise the roses by planting them in among geraniums, salvias and penstemons. All great plants and lots of colour on even the hottest days.



  4. Chris your garden is gorgeous! I know many people have trouble with deer eating the roses, not really a problem here.

    I tried planting over the weekend, but there was standing water in the first two holes, so I quit after getting 3 in the ground. The rest are happily soaking in a garbage bin until things dry out a little.