Monday, March 23, 2015


Clearing continues.  Uncovered the well, again.  We will need to get someone to inspect it at some point and install some kind of pump.  The tipped over stack has a 1902 date on it.  Don´t know how that all goes together.

Did some more clearing of saplings and suckers.  The majority are wild pear, I think, but some are different and I´d feel better knowing what they were before I cut them.  But they don´t belong in the veggie patch, either.  I´ll need to do some grubbing out of the bramble stems.  We need to get a burn permit for the large brush pile but the Xunta webpage won´t load.

There are several trees that appear dead, or are growing out of inconvenient places like walls, and several stumps that would be good to remove.  No idea how much of a battle that will be.  Does anyone know if young oaks can be transplanted?  I´ve been putting off cutting them down.

The general idea for the garden is raised beds, both to avoid compaction and because I like how neat they look.  But I keep going back and forth on getting someone in to plow initially or just get on with building the frames, digging the beds, filling, and planting, then putting something down on the paths.  Still need to source compost and manure.

The footing is treacherous inside the barn so we´ve made inquiries to see if we can hire someone to cut that part.  Then it will just be maintenance until we can afford to begin renovation.

Cleared a spot for next years firewood storage.  Building a proper shed is on the list, but stacking and covering will have to do this year.  We have a plague of box elder bugs in the house that I think came in with the wood.

We have blackbirds in the gutters.  They make a terrible racket, and sound like they´re eating the beams.  Unfortunately, we don´t have a ladder that will reach.  Must speak with the neighbors.

Next up are drainage and a patio area.  When it starts raining again we´ll be working inside on getting the kitchen floor finished.


  1. How tall are the young oaks? If they are not showing swelling buds they should transfer OK, dig as deep as you can, have their new holes ready and keep them watered. I would not have the area ploughed, ploughing destroys the soil structure, soil bacteria and beneficial invertebrates, it can also disturb weed seeds that have remained dormant for years. I would go with your plaln A and build the raised beds.

  2. I know ploughing is now considered evil, but I think doing it once wouldn´t be the end of the world. They do say that sorting through all the torn up grass is as much work as doing it by hand.

    But, the neighbor´s 78 year old father has been out turning their patch the last couple of days to plant potatoes and I am so embarrassed to take the easy way out I´ll probably go ahead and do it myself.