Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Rust in Rustic

Stuff found so far in the undergrowth:
Handles for something - a plow?

A rusted out pot, a bicycle seat and a big bunch of knotted up, rusty barbed wire.  
Also many, many AA batteries, not pictured.


  1. Think yourself lucky Cole, when we moved to Galicia the garden was full of empty sardine tine, hundreds of them and plastic yoghurt pots, remains of an old boiler, remains of an old range, masses of black plastic silage covers and enough bailer twin to go around the world a few times. Try digging that lot out.

  2. What were they thinking, right? The house and surroundings kept producing single children´s shoes. Cute for the first 2 or 3, but when there´s a dozen it got creepy. Also, a very scary plastic crucifix. I think we reburied that.

  3. Soaks were another thing, single ones but lots of them and a pair of shackles up in the attic along with a plate/dish spoon and fork!!!