Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Pi day

Pi Day (3.14)

Apple Galette.

Used a recipe from Jacques Pepin.  And the crust is a definite keeper.  I was pleased that after maybe 5 years without makng a pie crust, it all came together so easily.

I did use something new to me - manteca de vaca.  Manteca would usually mean lard, but in this case it´s cold, clarified butter.

V has been suffering from a cough and cold, so I used some honey infused with ginger and lemon I´ve been giving him in tea to drizzle the apples.  Reineta apples are the go-to cookers here, but I have to say, I find they go mushy, though the tartness is pretty good.  I also overcooked it, but there´s time to get used to the quirks of the gas oven.

Tastes pretty good.

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