Monday, November 19, 2018

Presenting the new Intern

Salutations and well met!

It is I, Breogán, Chief of Security and I have commandeered the glowing screen device to inform the wider public that I am happy to announce that I´ve finally gotten a staff increase approved by management.  It is my great pleasure to introduce our new intern, Brigantia, Pearl in the Crown of the Ancient Kingdom of Galicia.

She has mastiff credentials on her mother´s side with additional guarding qualifications in German Shepherd (and I suspect from his impressive mustachios, some wire-haired gryphon tracking aptitudes, as well) from her father.  All in all, she brings the whole package to the mix. She comes to us highly recommended and I´m sure will be an invaluable addition to the operation.

She is quite young at eight weeks, but you can never start too early with a new recruit and I fully expect her to be assisting in standard investigative and monitoring operations within a few months.  I will, of course, personally oversee her progress and initiation into the mysteries of the Mastiff Code and ongoing training in critter patrol, bone hiding/rotation and ball keep-away.

In the meantime, please join me in woofing her a warm welcome to the team.

Constant vigilance!

A courteous canine wag of the tail to all.

Breogán, The Belligerant, Bone Crusher, Cat´s Bane, Celtic Cur
Head of Security


  1. What a lovely fluffy bundle she is!

  2. Hi Vera,
    She is beautiful, but has a lot of character! She´s made it very clear that no one is the boss of her.

    Hi Janice,
    Thank you for your comment! We think she´s lovely, and kind of a handful. Looking forward (not) to a week or two of sleep deprivation.

  3. Hi, Coco!

    Brigantia is beauty and perfection itself! I can see how proud Breo is!

    In other words, I have never seen anything cuter, and

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you Pam! I´m grateful to have a beautiful place to live and a lovely family to share it with.

    So far so good. She arrived with some worm and flea issues, but that is now taken care of. Took her first set of vaccinations like the guerrera she is. Breo is being very good, but they had their first kerfuffle over a bone last night that was a little traumatic, mostly for us. Really hard to get anything done except when she´s napping. I don´t know how people with human babies do it!


  5. Greetings Breogán, Chief of Security,

    A commendable effort and courteous tail wags and salutations to you! Ah, my friend I have some news for you: Brigantia, Pearl in the Crown, is clearly of a distinguished lineage which is as ancient as the very land upon which her paws roam. Tread carefully with her my friend, for if the way of the fluffy is any guide, she will soon be the pack leader. The light of intelligence shines strongly in her eyes, and in not too many months she will grow into her paws. A fine choice for a companion!

    Scritchy - Fox Terrier, and boss dog of the fluffy collective.

  6. Hail Scritchy, boss dog and most excellent Terrier!

    The jury is still out on the new recruit. While with all of 8 kilos she has undeniable aptitudes; her jaw snap is impressive, her determination ¨dogged¨ and her utter fearlessness in the face of the unknown are truly mastiff-worthy, I´m afraid she shows an utter disregard for the chain of command and a shocking lack of respect for authority. That, and it´s so irritating she has to be taken outside to pee every 5 minutes. I am reserving judgement until her personnel review, but will remain vigilant for signs of outright mutiny or rebellion.

    A cordial wag of the tail,

    Breogán the Belligerant