Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A change in the weather

As predicted, no sooner had we put up the clothesline than the weather changed.  First, a plunge in temperatures with snow on the hilltops, then wet and rainy.

Leaves are starting to turn and mushrooms are popping up all over.  The woodstove is crackling.

Fortunately, the rain means the burn ban has been lifted, so we got 2 years worth of trimmings and weeds out of the way.  Last year, it started to rain in November, didn´t quit until May and something always prevented us from doing it when we had a permit number up to July when burning is banned for the summer, so at least we´ve gotten something accomplished.  This, after moving a pile of beams, will allow for expansion of the growing space.  Assuming it stops raining.

Musings on mulch.  I was delighted to find straw at one of the ag stores and bought some for mulch on paths and beds.  Unfortunately, as you can see, it doesn´t do the job.  And it also provides cover for the d@mn voles.  So off will come the straw from the beds and I will hand weed.

Got the foxgloves and the early sweet peas in.  Next up are the aquilegias, dutch iris and tulips.  And I´m unsure about when to dig and lift the dahlias, as they need a hard frost and there´s no telling whether we´ll get one or when.

And sadly, I learned of the sudden death of an old friend from my university days in Texas.  She broadened my horizons and deepened my understanding, both valuable things in your twenties.  I reconnected with her again after 20 odd years via social media, and learned of her passing the same way.  I always thought someday she´d come over and we´d share some good food and better conversation.  RIP Tipler, you´ll be missed. Suddenly, these misty autumn days are more poignant and melancholy.


  1. Hi, Coco!

    Isn't that just the way of it - get all geared up to hang out the lovely clean wash in the sunshine and it rains. Those hills with snow look like mountains to me, but then I am used to really old, gentle mountains here.

    That is very good news about the burn ban being lifted. Our burn bans are usually late spring and late summer, but we had so much rain the last few months that we never had a ban this summer.

    I, too, have figured out there there is NOTHING that voles love more than straw. They like an awful lot of things, especially potatoes . . .

    I am so very, very sorry to hear about your friend passing. Thank God we have the memories.


  2. Thanks, Pam. They´re predicting 3-4 dry days next week, so I may get something done yet.

    It was a shock when I got the news. Turns out it was a health issue and happened quite quickly, so I suppose it could have been much worse. But yes, I´ve been very nostalgic. She was a photographer and broke and trying to finish her degree when we shared a house for a couple of years. A lesson in being creative with a minimum of materials and lots of determination. And now a reminder that life is really, really short.