Thursday, June 7, 2018

Raining Again

It´s been raining and cool, again.  Not much going on, other than some family drama I won´t go into here, though I managed to finish the beds in the sunniest part of the new plot.

Great year for wild foxgloves and broom.  The hedge roses are flowering, while the garden roses are a little slower to open, waiting for more sun.

I was going to have another go at Elderberry flower cordial, but they´re very slow at blooming in this weather, so that will have to be another post.

Fortunately, I have flowers to cheer up the house, just not enough to take around to florists to guage interest.  Oh well, more quality control research.  BTW I am now on Instagram as Granxaromanesca.  Will have to fiddle with the buttons on the right side column.


  1. Hi, Coco!

    My goodness - how absolutely gorgeous your flowers and arrangements are! They seem to be enjoying the rain. The first photo with the spider web is stunning. In fact, the photos on your blog are always stunning. Are you the photographer?

    Our elderflowers are blooming and I have a cordial recipe (have never tried to make cordial) that involves lemons and oranges.


  2. Thanks Pam! What the arrangements lack in technique they make up for in quantity! The direct-seeding of flowers is a complete disaster this year - straight rows of robust weeds and grass, but almost no flower seedlings. Except the calendula, which looks pretty happy.

    The cordial recipe I had was a lot of sugar, 3 lemons and 20 or so flower heads, as I recall.

    Pics are all mine, now mostly on my phone when I´m out walking with Breo.