Saturday, May 19, 2018

Viva San Isidro

In honor of the  San Isidro Labrador holiday, May 15th, another garden update. (He´s the patron saint of farmers and land laborers) a few pics of the garden progress.


I´ve started on the sunny end, dividing beds between flowers and veg.  So far, tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, corn and peas have gone in, still trying to decide where to put the courgettes/zucchinni.  Believe it or not, this year I´ve got more tomato plants than room for on the two sections of fencing, so I´ll have to find space for another.  Still to germinate are the pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers and melons.  Carrots have sprouted.  I figure I have about 3 more beds on this end to put in.

After losing almost all the flower seedlings earlier, I´m struggling to get germination.  I finally direct seeded and now will have to spend a lot of time hoeing grass out of the beds.  Dahlias went in.  The sweet peas haven´t exactly leapt out of the ground, but they haven´t died either.  Roses and ranunculus are budding up and the iris is spectacular this year.

The first bouquet of 2018


  1. Hi, Coco!

    I love your garden layout. It just looks so organized and tidy! You are more on the ball than I, you even have supports up before your plants come up. I, way too often, am still scrambling to put up supports when my vegetables are knee-high.

    Do you have much trouble with weeds other than grass? The one downside to the stockyard composted manure that we bring in is that it is full of weed seeds.

    I have never seen iris of that color. Gorgeous! Did you make up the beautiful flower arrangement from flowers at your place?


  2. Hi Pam,

    The arrangement is from our flowers, weeds and some finds on walks with Breo. There´s an elegant grass that´s everywhere along the lanes.

    Grass is the main problem in the new area (and the old beds, oy) but nettles, some kind of mint, docks and other perennial weeds are everywhere else. I now bury the horse manure/bedding since it produced magnificent expanses of rye grass last year with no mulch.

    Irises are my favorites, don´t tell the roses. Such a pity they only last a month.

    Right now we have a blizzard of some tree-born, cottonwoody, seedy schmutz coming down outside.

    Enjoy your summer!

  3. I like the arrangement of your vegetable beds, and hope you have a good harvest this year. For various reasons we are not growing any veg this year, but I am concentrating on getting the farm tidied up as it there are lots of places starting to get overgrown.

  4. Hi Vera,

    I did think about running the beds the other way, but once I´d put the roses in, it was just too long to contemplate doing 4 or 5. It would have been easier for an irrigation system, but I´d be utterly discouraged halfway through the first row. There are good reasons people give up gardening, especially if you have access to good local produce.

    Keeping the undergrowth in check is an ongoing battle. The old plot was completely overrun, so I hacked back yesterday to uncover the currants and blueberries.