Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The June Garden

Everything is growing apace.  Had a very nice first flush from the roses.

Seed starting was dismal, again.  I got less than 50% germination from the tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos.  So no poblanos or jalapeños this year either.  Herbs were a disaster as well.  Some dill survived, but the purple basil looks very iffy.

These are the only survivors of the tomato seedlings.

These were the peppers and tomatillos.

The three herb/dye plant/flower beds are now finished.  I´m using the third for the indigo and cutting herbs like parsley, cilantro and chives.  Some potted roses will be moved here in the fall.

The winter squash found a home in the hugel raised bed.  The Sweet Meats were no shows. Some look a bit yellow, so I´m not sure they´ll thrive.

Elsewhere, got the purchased courgette/zucchinni starts planted (0 germination from seed) and rather optimistically placed things for them to climb when the time comes.

If the cucumbers all do well, I´ll be swimming in pickles.  Had almost total germination success.  Unfortunately, that was the tray I tipped over and it also had some melons, so there may be some interesting mixes when they start growing.  The front area is now planted with more carrots and red onions and peppers.

I planted more carrots because some critter is eating them from below.  Sneaky varmints.  I assume voles.  But letting Breo in the garden to look would be courting disaster.

The tomato starts I bought are doing well.  I´ve since planted the pitiful solitary tomato and 2 tomatillos.  One tomatillo, could be green or purple, got one of each, didn´t last even 24 hours.  I came out in the morning and it had vanished from it´s planting spot.  A mystery.

Potatoes have been hilled twice and will get a third pass this week.  Haven´t actually found many pests beyond the first potato beetle as I spot check them.  Beyond are the melons.  Everyone shook their heads when I mentioned I was planting melons, but they were actually a huge germination success and I didn´t want to waste them.

We have achieved peas!

And we finally ordered next winter´s firewood, which V managed to stack in 2 days.  He´s a wonder.

Whew!  They´re predicting a heat wave through the weekend, so I need to get on top of some weeding.  Also thinking about having a go at pickled walnuts.


  1. Love pickled walnuts a real childhood memory, never see them nowadays.
    Have you tried the farmers market in Lugo for tomato plants? they always seemed to have tomato cuttings there which work just as well as tomato plants as long as you keep them watered until they are established.

  2. Hi Anne,

    The Sunday market here has several stalls selling veggie starts for about .50 each, so I can´t really justify driving to Lugo.

    One sticking point for the pickled walnuts is a lack of malt vinegar. May have to wait until someone goes to La Coruña.

  3. Hi, Coco!

    No! Don't let Breo into the garden! I am assuming that he is mostly back to his old self? It kind of sounds like you might have moles; maybe some traps are in order? I can't imagine why so many of your seeds didn't germinate. Once a mouse got into my seed stores and I didn't notice until we were ready to plant. Lots of cucumbers - yay! - gazpacho!

    You gave me a heads up over at Fernglade last week with your mention of potato beetles. I couldn't figure out what these bugs are that are eating the tomatillos (our first time growing tomatillos) and, by golly, they are potato beetle larvae.

    The wood stack is so neat and tidy.

    We have been having a heat wave, too. Watering and watering and watering. It's supposed to rain and cool off tomorrow.


  4. Hi Coco,

    Beautiful photos. And the roses. Wow, did they exceed your expectations? They're really very good.

    Incidentally, did you ferment your collected tomato seeds in water for three days prior to drying them out before then storing them last season? The fermenting really improves the germination the following season as it kills heaps of nasties on the collected seeds.

    I'm really jealous of your peas too. They look great! And well, let's just say that pumpkins and melons go together! I'll be curious to hear of your melon experiences as I was only successful for the first time this past summer and the Portuguese millipedes began raiding the melons the moment they ripened.

    Your wood stack is looking very good and purposeful. The inside of the house here right now is toasty warm with the wood fire. It is cold as outside though. Brr!



  5. Hi Pam,
    Glad I could help with a pest ID. I´d never seen a potato beetle before either. Found one other adult this morning, so there must be more, but so far no eggs.

    Poor Breo started limping again this morning, so I drove him to Lugo today and they took an xray. Fortunately, they say all is well with the joint, so we´ll enforce more rest and start anti-inflamatories again.

    We´ve got 4 more days of 90 degree heat forecast. Whew.

    Hi Chris,

    That particular rose shot out some unexpected octopus arms and had to be staked. I´ll be cutting it back now that the flowers are spent.

    I´m embarassed to say, I didn´t start saved seeds, just purchased. I get about 50% germination to the cotyldon stage, and then nothing. They just sit there, then eventually succumb to dampening off or dry up. Most frustrating.

    And on top of that, some new varmint dug from above and ripped out the only remaining tomatillo and a tomato start. Grrrrr.

    It´s uncomfortably hot here this week, and likely to get hotter. So odd you´re in reverse mode. Enjoy your new heater!

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