Sunday, June 18, 2017

At it Again

V´s been at it again.  This northeast side of the house has always been a damp, weedy patch.  The original house wall collapsed entirely along here, therefore the retaining wall was built and drainage installed along the house foundation.

Unable to stand the eyesore anymore, V decided to get out the gravel.  He dug up the weedy turf, laid down cardboard.  Set aside a few beds.  Built a raised bed for the climbing rose Ghislaine de Feligonde, and then planted the rest.

Still to come are some slate flagstones for a path, a couple more shade loving plants and a few more sacks of mulch.  We left a corner by the downspout to try a rain barrel arrangement of some kind.

He´s a keeper.


  1. Thanks Anne,

    We keep wandering outside to admire it. It keeps my mind off the potatoes which have both a beetle infestation, and are showing signs of blight already.

    Note to self, do not plant potatoes so close to the tomatoes next year.

  2. Hi Coco,

    The side of your house looks superb. Top work and well done to V. Your roses are looking beautiful too. I trust they are enjoying your hot summer? Have you had any rain yet?

    The winter month of June down here has been very dry here which is really strange.



  3. Thanks Chris,

    I´m tired of watering, frankly. The roses were a little crispy. Fortunately they´re forecasting rain this week, so we´ll be back to more typically Galician weather.

    Hope you get something to fill up those storage tanks!