Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wrapping up

I went to LA for a couple of weeks to wrap some things up, which was both very sad and yet satisfying.  Probably the last time I´ll be there.  Things end and things begin, I suppose.  So now I´ll be focusing on my little corner of the world and making it as magical as I can.

Since getting back, the weather has been gorgeous, and also completely atypical for this time of year.  A few rains and a frost, but mostly warm and sunny and dry.

Got started digging the new area of the veg patch.  About 1/3 done, going a little at a time, takes about 2 hours to dig a 4 square meter patch.  Now resting with a few bags of the abundant leaves this year mixed in.  Still needs amending with some manure and worm castings.  Will be potatoes and onions at least in the spring.

The beet greens (Grelos de Santiago) are fabulous.  Started from seed a couple of months ago and thinned twice.  And the kale, also from seed, is up and such a pretty color.  The carrots are approaching the size of my forearm and frankly a little woody, but the fragrance is so intense.  Great roasted or in stews.

Garlic that I planted just before I left is up.  The bed shows signs of Breo ¨helping¨ while I was gone.  Waited until November this year and hopefully raised it enough that it won´t be waterlogged by April.

Look at the nasturtiums!  A sign of the mild weather this fall.  Nice the bees have something to snack on, along with the borage which is still going strong.

We finally burned the remains of the weeds and the majority of the scrap heap of wood, saving larger pieces for firewood or eventual use in the garden.  Now need to distribute the ashes before it rains again next week, principally around the old pear and the apple/nut trees.

Plenty to keep busy with while the weather holds.  Flower beds to go through and lots of things to move. The Christmas spirit is yet to arrive, though. 


  1. Hi, Coco!

    It's nice that you are back! Your garden looks fabulous - someone took could care of it while you were gone.


  2. Thanks Pam! Having a little trouble starting up work again. I guess there´s a reason people rest and plan in the winter.

  3. Hi Coco,

    Your garden is looking delightful. Putting the collected leaves into the raised garden bed is a great idea. You can almost count the potatoes and onions already! The nasturtium is quite prolific isn't it? I grow it for reliable greens in high summer and it is superb. The interesting thing about that plant is that it dies back over the winter and the straw that it leaves protects the seeds over the winter and then feeds the young seedlings in spring when they turn up again. Well done with the borage too. Here's hoping for a mild winter for you.


  4. Thanks Chris. I have to confess I planted the nasturtiums for salads, and never tried them. Bad me. But it´s pretty and the bees like it, so it´s all good. We´ll see if it comes back.