Monday, December 19, 2016

Cleaning up the beds

Got started on cleaning up the beds for winter.  V dug out 2 extension beds along the curve of the ruined wood oven and planted the standard roses, the loquat and a dwarf apple tree we had in pots.  Took some hard digging as you can see by the rocks he took out.

I planted some tulips and daffodils around.  Not sure they´ll have enough chill hours, but fingers crossed.  Dug up the dahlia I liked and divided the prodigious roots.  Not confident any will survive replanting next spring.  Dusted them with cinnamon, which the internet tells me is a natural anti-fungal.  We´ll see.  Still need to divide and move some irises and roses.

Also got started on hanging some Christmas decorations.  I cut some greenery around the place and in the woods when walking with Breo.  I never remember what a faff this is, until I´m doing it.

Retrieved some barrel hoops from a dumping spot to try making some ¨rustic¨ wreathes.  I always start off with a lot of enthusiasm, but the hamfisted results frustrate me.  Why people dump crap in the woods instead of taking it to the punto limpio where they can get rid of it for free baffles me.

On to the holiday baking, which I haven´t even started yet.


  1. I also cant understand why people have to dump their rubbish when they can do it for free. I made our Christmas wreath yesterday, I use willow wands to form the round, this was the hardest part. It took me just a couple of hours to do and cost me less than two euros.
    We are up to date on the baking, all that's left is to make some pate' for St. Stevens days.
    Hope you both have a great Christmas.

  2. Happy Christmas to you both too! V is going to spend it with his parents, who have been poorly, and the family while I take care of Breo here. I´ve got a duck to roast just for me!

    I´m using the hoops for wreaths, and also cut some old grape vines, which are very pretty but a little stiff. That´s another post, I need advice on how to prune the grapes and general growing and care. We didn´t get a single one this year.

    I am resolved to try making mincemeat this year, thanks to you. I even got real suet. And I have my Mom´s little mince pie pans to use.