Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Garden expansion

Got started on enlarging the veg patch.  Decided to rent a tiller and give it a go.  Not a huge success.  The area was rutted years ago when they first cleared the site in a wet January with heavy machinery.  The perennial weeds have extensive roots (which I know personally), and then the tiller itself gave up the ghost and the crank cord broke when V tried to re-start it.  Oh well.

First pass:

Second pass:

After I go over it again to remove 1) the rest of the roots and 2) rocks and 3) shape the beds, it should double the size of the garden.  In more good news, the rental shop has metal wire panels, so I can better support the tomatoes next year.

Breo, however, is delighted since fresh dirt is the Best.Thing.Ever.


  1. It is looking good but yes always so much work required. Breo looks very happy.

  2. We bought a mini tractor because turning our soil was too much for the rotovator. We still have problems with deep rooted weeds, but we just keep pulling them up, or cutting them down. We shall win through in the end, same you will do!

  3. Our neighbors, who are always very generous with their advice, observed that a tractor was the correct tool in this application. But, he´d seen a tiller on sale for 500€, and after giving it a try decided it was not the tool for him, either.

    The thing is, it´s a difficult corner of the garden, walls, tree roots, not enough space to turn around, etc. So back with the garden fork I go.