Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Equinox

Took a hiatus after the parade of family that visited during August.

Breo is fabulous and was a total charmer with everyone who came, human or animal.  We had his cousin from Madrid, a 9 month Jack Russell mix for 2 weeks and it was a non-stop playdate the entire time.  Poor Breo slept 2 entire days after he left.

Some pics from our walk this morning. Fall is in the air!


  1. Hi Coco,

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and please also send my regards to Breo! Fall is a bit like a mini spring here and everything starts growing again. Do you see that in your part of the world?


  2. Hi Chris,

    We´ve finally gotten some rain and the temperatures are moderating, so yes, much greener in these parts recently. Hope you´re drying out down under.

  3. Have you been out mushrooming yet? It's one thing that I do miss about Galicia, mushrooms are very hard to find here.

  4. No, I haven´t. I´d inevitably pick poisoned ones without a knowledgable someone I completely trust to guide me, and I don´t know one. I don´t even buy them at the farmers market, I´m so skeptical :)

  5. You would be quite safe buying them from the farmers market. Look up chanterelle mushrooms, they are quite distinctive, you will find them in Chestnut and oak forests, to us the are the best of all the fungi.