Thursday, July 14, 2016


I bought a box of sweet cherries and made a clafoutis.   I used the Julia Childs recipe from here, since she knew her way around French cooking.

Turned out quite straightforward and tasty - a softer texture than I was expecting.  It´s a little like popover batter, and not too sweet.  I think maybe some toasted almonds on top would be a good addition.

Unfortunately, my only cherry pitter gave up halfway through.  So I stewed the rest of the cherries with their stones and am now in the market for a new pitter.  Life is too short to be doing it with a knife.

I should plant a sour cherry tree, as I like them better cooked than fresh.

ETA - Clearly this year, Bastille Day was anythng but happy, so I´ve changed the title of the post.  My thoughts and best wishes go out to the victims of the tragedy in Nice.

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  1. Hi Coco,

    Happy Bastille Day to you too! The pie looked delicious.

    For pitting cherries and olives I have an old garlic hand press which has a pitting mechanism on the arms of the tool. It is very old and very heavy duty and if you get the chance, I'd seriously recommend looking for one of those. The newer ones were not so good as the steel wasn't very solid or wide enough to be useful.