Sunday, October 18, 2015

Progress (?)

This week a crew came by and resurfaced the lane to the house.

During the last election period, the some of the candidates for Mayor went door to door campaigning and the one who ultimately won observed to the neighbors he was shocked at the lamentable state of the road.

Frankly, I thought it was more picturesque before.  But, I´m confident that it will now be left to quietly decay in place, so in a few years it´ll develop that patina of rusticity that appealed to me.  At least it´s basically sturdy gravel, with a light spray of asphalt to hold it all together, and not a petro-chemical engineering project.  There was a rumor that they were going to repave all along the logging road up to some hamlet or other.  V and I were appalled.  There´s quite enough traffic in tractors, trucks and cars (!) as it is.  We suspect there won´t be enough in the budget for those sorts of projects ever again.

In other news, lately the sunrise is getting later and later, but the results are spectacular.


  1. Hi Coco,

    Beautiful photos and I hope you enjoy your new road.

    The old timers used to say down here: Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning - Red sky at night, shepherds delight!

    Cheers. Chris

  2. What a wonderful sunrise, I expect you will used to the new road, it will look better as it ages. I meant to mention collecting leaves from the forests around you, they will rot down and give you good organic material for the veg beds, while you are in the forests look out for the Chanterelle mushrooms, they are the best mushrooms you will ever taste.

  3. I do need to get on with collecting leaves. Seems like they´re aways wet or blowing around.

    Mushrooming is big around here and the news dutifully warns every year about only eating what you´re absolutely, positively sure is edible. But every year someone ends up in the hospital.

    Chris, I´ve heard the same, but it was sailors instead of shepherds.

  4. Election time is a good time to get things done, or to point out work that needs doing. I agree about the camino but as you say it will slowly decay and take on a more rustic appearance before long.