Sunday, August 23, 2015

Melide la nuit

Pueblos all over Spain have local fiestas in August, and Melide is no exception.  There is an entire week of bands, orchestras, concerts, games and gatherings.  So, we resolved to go out one evening to see what was going on.

We started in the wine district, which had some very appealing terrazas, one covered in a robust kiwi.

Then we went to a new restaurant, admiring the decorations on the way.

We had a grelo and shrimp scramble to start, then raxo and salad.  It was both tasty and reasonably priced.

By the time we finished, the first orchestra was winding down on the smaller stage.  We wanted to see the main act Panorama, which is famous throughout Galicia, but after 20 minutes of merengue and cumbia we called it good and moved on.

We walked back to the car through the games and rides.  Shooting galleries were popular, but expensive at 3 euros a shot.  V wanted to try the bumper cars, but didn´t want to wait in the line.


And then I saw this, which will give me nightmares until next year.  Has Stephen King written a Spongebob novel yet? Some kid disappears forever into the gaping maw of an inflatable cartoon character etc., etc. Clearly I´m too old for fiestas.


  1. Galician "orquestas" are a real marvel... practically unknown beyond its borders, they have legions of fans. :D

  2. Some year I hope to stay awake long enough to see them! We were home by 1:30.

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