Saturday, August 15, 2015

...As the gentle rain from heaven

No, I´m not talking about the Perseids meteor shower.  Rain!

I swear I could hear the landscape sigh with relief.

Everything is bejewelled and bedazzled.

Earlier, I made a stab at elderflower cordial, using Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall´s recipe.  Something about elderflower cordial or champagne or whathaveyou sounds so utterly civilized.  Lifted straight from a Jane Austen novel.  So the brew looked good and smelled fresh and floral.  Initial taste was good, if a bit too sweet, with a zingy lemon beginning, but finished wth a definite musky aftertaste not unreminiscent of used sweat socks.  My Darcy of a drink turned out to be a Wickham.  We´ll see if the fruit fares better.

Colors and textures seem more dramatic.  But focus softer and more romantic. Even the puddles are inviting.  Lovely.


  1. I believe that there are two species of elderflower here, one the flower smells floral and Chardonnay like, the other is sweaty socks. Did you get all of the flowers from the right bush? A quick sniff of the flowers identifies them. It is lovely so worth another try.

  2. Hmmm. We only have 3 and I couldn´t reach the blooms on one of them. I was out there with scissors the minute there were enough flowers to make a batch. Do the fruits taste different?