Monday, September 1, 2014

House Update

Back from 2 weeks at the house.  Got alot done, but we´re knackered.  The house is stunning.  I can´t believe I get to live there.

First the house:

A BIL and sister stopped the first two nights to help us put up some light fixtures on their way to the coast. 

V managed to sand and stain ALL the windows and the patio doors. I put a coat of linseed oil on the remaining beams and window frames, added some weatherstripping and washed windows.  And swept and mopped about 200 times.  The dust is unbelievable.

We ordered a few kitchen cabinets and a countertop from Ikea, along with a sofa bed (yeah!), and had that delivered.  
We put the cabinets together and modified the one for the farm sink so it can be undermounted beneath the oak butcher block, which got 3 coats of varnish top and bottom. At 80x50 cm (30x20 in) the sink was a steal from a pueblo on the way out of Madrid.  The stamp says it was made in the 1950s and it has it´s share of chips and scratches and a couple of faint rust stains - patina! The sink opening still has to be cut.  We were tired.

Having to think about the fixture above the sink.  It´s exactly in the way of shelving or a plate rack.

Met the remaining neighbor, a nice 20-something guy who´s fixing up his own place, along with his 7 month old water spaniel pup. His family goes way back in the area. We got some home baked goods to try, courtesy of his mother. The other neighbors sent us home with homegrown potatoes and onions.  I think we´ve been fortunate.

We had the plumber out and fired up the wood cook stove - that thing is a beautiful beast! Have to get a pumice stone to keep the top in shape. Heated all the radiators in no time, they will need brushing and painting, and then some.  Another project for the list.  He adjusted the water heater to the pressure level of the mains connection and we had no problems and toasty showers.

Ate, drank, and were mostly in bed by 10.  V says he lost 8 pounds. 

Now have the paperwork to apply to get the electric service connected, next making inquiries for internet setup.

Outside progress in another post.


  1. It's looking great and probably beginning to feel like home. Enjoy.

  2. It's looking stunning, well done to you all, looking forward to seeing the garden update.

  3. Thank you! Such a relief to have it livable, even without interior doors, etc.