Monday, September 8, 2014


We also did get some things done around the grounds.

V got out the strimmer and had a go at the bread oven, again.  In two months, the nettles were 3 feet tall.

He managed to get most of the area next to the neighbors done, and a path around to the larger pasture to the south of the barn.

The barn itself is covered in an overgrowth of blackberries worthy of a fairytale.  Even though he couldn´t manage them with his little machine, they did have fruits, so there´s an upside.

We were informed by the new neighbor that it was time to clean out the gutter running along the north side of the access road, which everyone seems to think hasn´t been cleaned out for the last decade or more.  The benefits are that the runoff from autumn rains will drain on that side of the road, and not alongside our foundation.  And to their credit, they all pitched in to help when we were out there on the second morning.  As a side benefit, we got 10 loads of beautiful composted earth.  I have reservations, since a lot had invasive roots of ivy, etc.  But I put together a hillbilly compost bin with old pallets and zip ties.  We have pallets left over for a future wood store.

The grapes growing along one end of the barn actually produced fruit this year.

And lastly,  put down some of the stacks of cardboard packaging from the flooring to try to suppress the exuberant nettles that spring up around the foundations.  We need to do something about the drive and back patio area, which will go to mud once it starts raining again.

And I derive no end of pleasure contemplating the woods along side.  I´m told that parcel belongs to an absentee local family heir who now lives in Asturias.  Mostly, it seems to be used by some hunters to train their dogs to hunt rabbits.


  1. Rabbits? they don't exist around here and I have never seen them in Asturias. Communal clearing of the drains is great, I am sure it will help with the humidity. IT'll take time to get on top of the brambls and nettles but constant weakening by strimming will help. How much land is there in total?

  2. Approximately 2000 square meters, or a half acre. Too much to organize and not enough to have livestock. We won´t speak of the barn renovation.

    They are domestic rabbits - and there will soon be more, per our observations.:)