Friday, December 20, 2013


We´ve been looking for a woodstove for a while, so when we saw one advertised on segundamano we were on pins and needles to see if it was still available when we went up to Galicia.

 I´m wondering if I should just throw myself in

We drove to the beautiful village of Redes, after the GPS sent us on a hair-raising route through the vertical and very narrow streets of old Pontedeume, to see it.  Once we had a deal, the owner had to run down to the corner bar to get a couple of guys to help get it into the van, and once secured with sailor knots, we were off.

We did have to stop a couple of times to check on the load.  And after eating an amazing tortilla española in Betanzos, I almost had a heart attack trying to get the van up the corkscrew exit ramp of the parking garage.  But we got safely to the builder´s warehouse and had a couple of guys help unload.

A stunning, cast iron Hearthstone Craftsbury.  It´s a lovely chocolate brown color and weighs a ton! At 11,5  kW and over 80%  efficiency, we hope it will do an excellent job to help heat the house from its designated corner of the living room, at about a third of what it would cost new. 

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