Monday, December 16, 2013

House Update

Rented another van and drove up a load of 3 doors, 2 bathroom sinks, a kitchen sink, 2 porcelain shower bases, and while we were up there we bought and fetched a wood burning stove.  It was quite a couple of days.

A very chilly drive. We detoured a bit in Castilla y Leon to buy a stoneware sink for the kitchen near ArĂ©valo.  Then straight to Galicia to the house.
Repointing is DONE.  Can´t tell where what we did back in August stops and what they did starts.

Cement plastering of the brick is DONE (sort of).  They left parts of the bathroom and kitchen walls rough, assuming that we would be tiling, a lot, in the traditional Galician manner.  We aren´t, because it reminds me of operating theatres and insane asylums, so they will have to put on a thin layer of the white smooth finish.  Biggest difference in the kitchen, and the little laundry and half bath look so much bigger!

We´re especially pleased with the wood window frames.  Next to do are floors, a layer of insulating foam, cement finish and then slate in the baths, laundry and under the stoves and wide oak plank everywhere else.

Also pulling cable for the electrical installation can now begin.

And we hope that with the stuff we hauled up there, the plumber should have something to keep him occupied for a while, too.


  1. It's looking great, you must be so pleased.
    Happy Christmas to you both.

  2. Thank you! We´d be more pleased if it wasn´t all so sloooooooooow. Happy Xmas to you too! You´ve given me a craving for mince.

  3. You can make it Coco, email me if you want to know how we did it in Spain.

  4. Looking amazing!!! Happy holidays! xo Jen

  5. Thanks Jen :) Happy Holidays to you too!