Friday, September 20, 2013

Scotland Calling

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Happened across the photographer Ian Lawson.  He´s published several volumes featuring his absolutely stunning photography.  The latest is From the Land Comes the Cloth, about Harris tweed and the Hebrides islands where it comes from.

From Photographic Views Scotland:
Ian Lawson is a lifelong professional fine art photographer from Lancashire. Based on a commission from the Harris Tweed authority he has combined a pictorial story of the people of the western isles and their contribution to Harris Tweed: from shepherds to weavers. The stunning environment of the Hebrides is captured in the best light that a photographer like Ian Lawson knows when and where to find. There is fantastic use of blending images so that tweed provides a subtle backcloth to a landscape.

His blog is here, the Facebook page here and the portfolio here.

If I weren´t going to live in Galicia, Scotland would be next.

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Shepherdess also looks very intriguing.  The sheep, the dog, the Cumbrian countryside. . .

He has more galleries, including Tuscany and Provence on his website.  But I think his shots of Britain have a special magic.  Enjoy!

avalaible here