Thursday, September 12, 2013


Ecocelta is an award-winning vermicomposting comany in Pontevedra.  They started up afew years ago and now seem to be quite successful, selling to vineyards in the area, who used to send off to France for compost material.

You can get organic compost, vermicompost, even a builder´s bag of manure mixed with seaweed. How much the shipping would be, I´m afraid I don´t know.

I know initially I´ll be needing truckloads of compost/manure to get our abused garden back into shape, so I was glad to find them in existence, in case there´s no friendly neighbor farmer with a surplus to sell.


  1. Are there any mushroom farms in the area, they will normally let you have spent compost cheaply, or in our case for free. If you can plan where you want your garden beds that would be where to start building up the fertility. Bales of straw placed over double layers of cardboard, seaweed gathered from the coast, washed up, not cut. Start off by covering where you will want your beds with black plastic to kill off the weeds most Agricultural stores should sell it by the mt. Also contact the Organic Egg farm, it's not that far from you, they might be please to get rid of manure. Aveiga I think was the name, the eggs are on sale in Eroski, the phone number is on the box. Lovely people and very helpful.

  2. Haven´t found an ag store in the area yet:) One of those builder bags might come in handy for transport.

    1. I am also expat living in Galicia, with a stone house in renovation and 5ooo sq metres of garden to work on. Trying to find good garden centres or landscape gardeners in Galicia. Need to feed the soil before I can do anything else. Looked at your profile and we have very similar interests too!

  3. We used to get charged 10 euro on the big bags, here there is no return or charge, we have several but they do come in handy.

  4. 792550a0-etc. Welcome to the neighborhood! Good luck with your project.