Friday, June 14, 2013

Ortigueira Celtic Fest 2013

Once again, Ortigueira will be hosting their annual Celtic Music Festival July 11-14.

Acts include:

Kan (Ireland)
Escola de gaitas de Ortigueira (Galicia)
Bagad Glazik Kemper (Brittany)
Banda Crebinsky (Galicia)
Harmonica Creams (Japan)

Harmonica Creams were something of a revelation last year.


 Banda Crebinsky (not feeling the Celtic here, more like slightly demented klezmer- ch)

Bagad Glazik Kemper


  1. I can't believe that the program has already been printed, in past years it was hard to even find out who would be appearing and the programs were often not available until the festival was due to start.

  2. I think funding is limiting their choices, so they can make decisions earlier.