Wednesday, June 19, 2013

House Update

Work is progressing, slowly, on the electrical, plumbing and wall preparation.  It is interesting to see a different way of putting together a house.  Chipping away at the just constructed walls, running the flexible electrical and water pipes under cement are all new to me.

Next is installation of the septic tank and some drainage, and then back to repointing the walls.  Exterior window and door installation is supposed to begin.  Two guys were chipping away at old mortar when we left.

We are starting to experience scheduling fatigue, since it seems as though nothing can get done until something else is completed. Time, energy, money and patience are all waning.  Walls are to be sandblasted (wince) and then repointed.  We´d like to do the interior pointing, but the floors can´t go in until after it´s finished and we can´t start moving stuff until the floors are in, etc.  We´re in discussions with the builder over a plywood subfloor that would at least allow s to work on a flat surface.

Once again becoming a jungle.  More on the garden to come. 


  1. Looks like and AMAZING space... wow! You have a lot of patience... you must be so excited to be able to stay there!!! xo xox Jen

  2. It will be worth it - the house is coming together and you will soon see results I am sure. Enjoy.

  3. We go back and look at photos of the place when we bought it, and it makes us feel better about what´s been accomplished. :)

  4. The roses look lovely. I'm going to sow white clover this year - I'm sick of mowing in the spring and bald land in the summer...