Friday, May 17, 2013

Poppyseed Citrus Goatsmilk Soap

Finally starting to see the end of the soap stash, so I fired up the slow cooker for some hot process soap.

Contains sweet almond, coconut, olive and castor oils, with shea butter, silk, saffron, poppyseeds and orange rind, scented with sweet orange EO and a vanilla, buttery FO mix.  As a heads up for those using frozen milk with the lye to prevent curdling/scorching, turns out it can also impede the silk from dissolving properly.

The house smells delish.


  1. I can smell it from here, it looks great and sounds perfect.

  2. We´ll see :) The good thing about hot process is that you get to try it in 2 weeks instead of 6-8.