Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cervezoteca Malte

On our last outing to La Coruña we discovered a new artisanal beer spot opened in the old center of the city called Cervezoteca Malte and made it our business to pass by.

Traditionally, Spain has more of a wine culture than beer, even though the climate in the north strikes me as ideal for zythology.  But over the years beer consumption is growing, and I´m pleased to note that micro brews are on the rise.

We tried a bottle of Meduiña Stout and a Basque Baias Amber Ale which were both good.  The Amber was perhaps a touch sweet, V described it as a bit fruity, and the stout was toasty without being heavy.  When asked about the difference between an imperial stout and regular, the staff could only manage something about the alcohol content, while I was more interested in taste, but that could be a language issue.  We then took advantage of the fact that they had Guiness on draft and settled in to watch the football.

The place serves food, their menu is expanding all the time, and has a fully stocked bar as well, if you prefer a cocktail.  Judging from the number of patrons when we were there, Malte has a bright future.  We´ll definitely be back to try more.
ETA - what stands between Germany and fracking?  Their beer industry.


  1. It's certainly taking off in central Madrid, I've got 3 specialist shops within reasonable walking distance. I recommend the Dougall's off that blackboard - any variety. Best of the new beers I've tried in Spain. Sagra is quite good too.

  2. Oooh tell me more! Whereabouts in Madrid?

    And another thing - where can I try some English cider? Any particular brand?

  3. 1). Cervezorama, Calle San Andres, 2). La Tienda de la Cerveza, Calle de la Ruda 3). The Beer Garden, Calle Cardenal Cisneros

    I'm not much of a cider drinker and the only ones I've seen in Madrid are the industrial brands.

  4. Thank you! Perhaps we´ll take a turn this weekend.