Sunday, March 3, 2013

House Update

We have a roof!

Roof is now mostly tiled, just a few ridge caps left to be placed.  The two chimneys look great, one for the living room woodstove and the other for the kitchen range and evental range hood.

The constant rain has left the interior very,very green, though the outside seems to be drying off.  Overall we´re thrilled.

Now, we have some budgetary and logistical challenges to confront.  The builder recommends pressure washing and repointing the stone, first outside and then inside before tackling the windows and doors, electrical and plumbing.  He gave us a rough estimate of 25€/m2 and there are a lot of m2 of stone.  Approximately 7000€ worth.  Yikes.  We can only get up there for occasional long weekends, and of course the surface won´t stay clean for long after pressure washing.

Also, he recommended doing the pressure washing and repointing before installing the windows (whch we got second hand from a guy in Lugo who had replaced his with aluminum clad double glazed units.)  The carpenter is very impressed with the Douglas Fir windows and, while he can reuse some parts of the frames that came with the windows, recommends framing in the same wood.  Apparently, Douglas Fir is highly desirable, better than chestnut or oak, and wildly expensive over here. Around 30%  more €€€ for frames and installation.

So we may be looking at an extended pause while we figure out a way to proceed.  So frustrating.

Coming along isn´t it?


  1. It's looking really great. I hope you can manage to find a solution soon and begin to enjoy the next phase.

  2. Those green stones looks like they're part of the interior design. But they're still molds, so it should be the first thing off your list. The house clearly needs some work, so I hope everything's in full swing now.

    -Arry’s Roofing Services

  3. With a new roof in place, you must not pay attention to cleaning inside the house. Molds is never good for your indoor air quality; its harmful to your family's health. Don't forget to take care of your new roof, Coco!

    -Muth Roofing

  4. I think pressure washing is really needed here, if only to ensure that you wouldn't accidentally lock in dirt and other things in the structure once you apply sealant or waterproofing. And I think it would restore the deep color of the roof tiles. Lenore@Professional Roofing Contractors