Monday, February 25, 2013


My apologies for the brief hiatus - if you can avoid it, don´t get bitten by one of these:

The little bastards like to hide in the house in the winter in closets and bedding.  Loxosceles rufescens - European cousin to the Brown Recluse, fortunately not packing the same punch.  Just a nasty itchy, achey welt exactly where I can´t reach to scratch it.

Started a pretty post on shutters, then realized that a) mostly they´re interior shutters in Galicia and b) we won´t be able to afford any for a while.  Started a post on  Ruth Stout, and discovered that an interesting video has been removed from Youtube, so I´ll wait.

Been spending some time number crunching for the next phase on the house, hopefully updating soon.

So in the meantime an amusing animal video.   I laughed. 


  1. Spiders...ouch, I try not to get that close. That one looks like a real beast. They seem to be getting much bigger year on year.

  2. I never actually saw the bugger. The picture looks imposing, but I read they´re only about 1 cm across. All the better to ambush you from the sofa cushions. . .

  3. I laughed too! LOL some of them are so funny but not as much as the final clip!

    I didn't see a lot of spiders when we lived in galicia, mind you we lived in a built up area in Ferrol

    It was quite wonderful after living in Australia and seeing so many scary spiders!