Thursday, January 31, 2013

Northern Lights

I don´t know why, but lately I´m intrigued by all things Scandinavian.

I keep watching Wallander (the BBC version), not because I like it particularly, I find the protagonist irritating, but because it looks so gorgeous.  Those infinite greys, the soft blues and greens.  Mist.  Rain.  Darkness and shadow.


The part of the US I grew up in was settled by Norwegians, Swedes and Germans.  There´s even a preserved 1800´s historical spot called Norskedalen, nearby.

 I have childhood memories of locals demonstrating rosemaling, hardanger embroidery, the annual Oktoberfest and all those northern delights.

Pinterest - Tammy Roberson

So I´ve put together a collection of blogs I enjoy.

Made in Persbo - a lovely Swedish photographer and interior design aficionado.

 Livs Lyst - about restoring a Norwegian Farm.  It loses something with google translation but I love the weathered wood and views from their farm.

NaKIN - a wide-ranging Icelandic blog on soap making, natural dyeing, even genuine eiderdown production (she´s cleaning the down by hand!)

K & Co.  is a Danish design blog with very beautiful and interesting stuff to look at.

Riihivilla - another brilliant natural dyeing blog.  And check out her shop for the cutest kits for mittens.

And last but certainly not least, though I can´t link an image The Essence of the Good Life - gorgeous style blog.  And also her Landscaping/Garden blog The Green Garden Gate.


  1. Can't believe your house is coming along so wonderfully!!! Wow!! You must be so excited. I meant to comment in your last post. I have finally FINALLY been using your soap!! The white one that was swirled with black. What a wonderful soap!! I think it is scented with Vetiver? I love Vetiver and it is so good for the skin. One of the things that is so different from my own soaps are the suds. They are sudden, they come up right away. I find this usually in soaps with palm oil? Do yours have palm oil? I must say it is a wonderful soap and I will try to post about it. xoxoxo Jen

  2. Thanks Jen!

    Glad you like the soap - but are you sure it´s from me? :) I´ll email.

  3. I love this post and my daughter will be excited. We are moving to Sweden after our assignment in Thailand is finished. Its not for a couple of years but we are so excited and every day we look for a "sign" to remind us. She is 11, we sit and share what sign we had every day when she gets home from school.

    Your blog post is my "sign story" for today :) Thank you

  4. Wow - from Thailand to Sweden? How exciting! You´ll have seen everything.