Sunday, January 27, 2013

House update

Made a lightening visit to find the roof going up!  Despite the much announced storm of the year.

The beams are a lighter color than we´d planned.  But they match pretty well with the flooring we bought.

The doorway between the kitchen and the living room is now open, too.

It´s been raining basically since October, so the entire house is covered in green moss.  One of the old apple trees lost a limb in the recent bad weather.  And the creek was full again.  The neighbor´s field was flooded.

A good part of the yard is a churned up mess that´s hard for me to even look at.  I´ll have to do some serious research in how to fix compacted soil.

Some interior partitions to finish, the further roofing and then on to window and door installation.


  1. It's coming on great by the looks of it - keep positive. Once it's water tight it will make a whole heap of difference.

  2. Progress! It's looking good yo must be so pleased that at last it's coming together.

  3. We are very excited that it´s starting to look like a house. The builder says we should have a completed shell before Easter.

    Thanks for the encouragement. This rainy fall and winter have been pretty discouraging.

  4. It’s quite hard to work when it’s raining. Good thing the roof is already installed. So, the rain cannot be an excuse not to finish the interior work, right? Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to reading more updates about your house. Good luck!

    >Bethanne Singer

  5. Getting the roof, windows and doors finished is the end of phase I. Now we´ll have to plan the electrical, plumbing, heating and then finish work.

    Given our meagre budget, I´m hoping we can figure out a way to DIY at least some of it.

  6. Your house looks beautiful. We are also expats living in Galicia, I'm from the Uk and my husband is from Minnesota. We're about to take the plunge and buy a ruin with land and I was looking for info on native plants, when I cam across your blog - so thought I'd say hello:)

  7. Your updates are really exciting! Too bad that the construction of the house was delayed due to heavy rains, but I think it is worth the wait. The design of the house is quite splendid. Did you personally design it? It’s great! I hope you’ll post a blog with the photos of the completed shelter in the proceeding days, and I hope you already have a solution for the compacted soil. :)

    -- Lino Kosters

  8. What a big progress! Do you already have new update aside this post? I’d love to know how far you’ve gone with this project. I can’t wait to finally see the house with completed roof and all the furniture are in place. +Conner Spear