Thursday, September 6, 2012

Queixo do Cebreiro

We now stop at Pedrafita do Cebreiro on our way back to Madrid and buy a ¨round¨ of this fresh, cow´s milk cheese every time we head home.  It is fabulous.  Creamy, fluffy, with a milky sweet tartness that´s a decadent joy to eat.

According to Correo del Camino it dates to the beginnings of the Camino de Santiago, but is specifically mentioned as a royal favorite during the 18th century and at one time was Spain´s most expensive cheese.  By the late 1980s production had all but disappeared except for  a few households in Pedrafita.  Now, it has a Galician Denominación de Producto de Calidad.   Completely natural - no preservatives or additives.

From the Castelo website:

The O Cebreiro, DOP cheese is a fresh cheese, without a noticeable rind, the body is white and granulated, soft, clayish, creamy, and melts in your mouth.  It´s flavor and aroma are reminiscent of the milk from which it´s produced, slightly tart.

El Queso de O Cebreiro, DOP, es un queso fresco, no presenta corteza diferenciada, la masa es blanca y granulada, blanda, arcillosa al tacto, untuosa, fundente al paladar. Su sabor y aroma recuerdan al de la leche de la que proceden, ligeramente ácido.

More on production here.

If you can find some - I highly recommend it.  Someday I have got to learn how to make this.

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