Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ode to a Chesterfield

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While I was teaching at an obscure Illinois college, I got a brown vinyl chesterfield sofa at a local auction house for about $40. I was only there for 1 term so I sold it the next summer for about $25. I adored that sofa. Something about the curve of the arm fits the back of your neck perfectly.

This classic now comes in all sorts of sizes, colors and fabrics.

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There´s actually a place in Murcia (why is it always Murcia?) that has stacks- I think they must supply people who are mounting pubs on the mediterranean coast.

But my favorite is the dark, quietly mouldering gentlemen´s club style. Sort of like this Pall Mall smoking room - but dustier with more potted palms and moths in the draperies and a touch of rising damp.

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  1. Coco there is just something about a Chesterfield sofa!!

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