Monday, December 12, 2011

Heads up US Expats

Bah humbug from the IRS.

The IRS is making a worldwide push to squeeze money from Americans living abroad and from anyone who holds dual citizenship, whether they know it or not. It doesn't matter if the "duals" want US status, have never set foot on US soil, or never conducted business with an American. It doesn't matter if those targeted owe a single cent to the IRS. Unlike almost every other nation in the world, the United States requires citizens living abroad to file tax forms on the money they do not owe as well as to report foreign bank accounts or holdings such as stocks or RSSPs. The possible penalty for not reporting is $10,000 per "disclosed asset" per year.

Also - From the Federal Register regarding US Passport holders and NEW BIOGRAPHICAL QUESTIONNAIRE for application and renewal. I read this in the comments section of the Automatic Earth and it looks legit to me. If you think it will take you more than their estimate of 85 minutes to come up with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of everywhere you ever went to school and every employer you´ve had in your entire life - read on.

My friend obtained the information from the National Register. As I understand, there are less than two months left for a response from the public (Jan. 3, 2012). If you, or your family plan to renew passports in the future, I would suggest you read every line in this new form. For some the form will be considered a major invasion of your personal privacy and for others it will present an impossible task to answer all of the questions accurately.

There are two attachments, one is the proposed application and the other explains the process and methods for sending comments to the U.S. government.

Here are the two attachments:

A) for a complete printout of the proposed form

B) for the Dept of State's 60 day notice

Here's a cut and paste of the methods to submit comments:

ADDRESSES: Back to Top

You may submit comments by any of the following methods:Show citation box citation box
Mail (paper, disk, or CD-ROM submissions): PPT Forms Officer, U.S. Department of State, 2100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW., Room 3031, Washington, DC 20037.Show citation box
Fax: (202) 736-9202.Show citation box
Hand Delivery or Courier: PPT Forms Officer, U.S. Department of State, 2100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW., Room 3031, Washington, DC 20037.Show citation box

You must include the DS form number (if applicable), information collection title, and OMB control number in any correspondence.

And finally,

¨I´ll believe that a corporation is a person when the State of Texas executes one.¨

More info on the Bernie Sanders ammendment reversing the Citizens United decision with a petition to sign for those of you stateside.

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