Friday, November 11, 2011

Pan Gallego


I´ve been looking into Pan Gallego or pan del pais. Unfortunately, it requires both a ¨mother¨ or starter made from rye flour and ¨strong¨ flour, which I´ve no idea where to get. The next time we´re in Galicia I´ll look for some fariña do pais or ground Galician flour. They say it requires kneading for almost an hour as all the water necessary is incorporated.


So until I have the ingredients and wherewithal to try this at home - I shall share with you first a really great Spanish bread forum:

El Foro del Pan and their entry on Pan Gallego

And also Panis Nostrum dedicated to artisanal breads and their entry on Pan Gallego.

And from Panis Nostrum - A video on making ¨Bollos¨ with that nifty topknot. The tricky thing is not kneading at this point.

And ¨Roscas¨ the ringshaped loaves.

And from the Foro del Pan - a video on making your starter. Which is basically mixing flour and water and then periodically ¨feeding¨ with additions of flour and water and then taking out half and adding more water each day for a week.

And one in English


  1. Most stores stock Harina de Pan, this would be strong flour, I used to use it if I had run out of my Organic strong flour. The farmers market in Lugo Tues and Friday mornings have a Artisan bread stall, organic bread and locally produced organic strong flour both white and brown, he was cheap.

  2. Can´t wait to have a local farmer´s market.

    I believe you can get some bulk supplies from bake shops - but I have to admit I haven´t asked yet. All I ever see in stores is standard white wheat flour, whole wheat, ¨repostería¨ which I assume is all-purpose, and the mixed grain I can get at Lidl.

  3. I saw strong flour for sale the other day in Mercadona - I nearly fell over from the shock because I've been looking for it for years.

    Masa madre (sourdough starter) isn't difficult to make - just mix flour and water together, cover and leave it somewhere warmish to ferment for about a week before using.

  4. great post..your info is very the time we finish and move into our place, i think i will have learned a lot ;-D

    My bf and I bought a place in Vilalba (north of Lugo) a couple years ago..we are in Oakland CA now..visiting every year to do some work. it's nice to find another Gallego blogger..keep up the good work ;-D

    Lisa Brenneisen